Leviathan Hiring Head of Web Design and Analytics


Leviathan is seeking a qualified candidate to assume the role of Head of Web Design and Analytics for the 2020/21 academic year. 

The Head of Web Design and Analytics will formally be a part of Leviathan’s Administrative Team, and will work closely with the Executive Committee and Editorial Board. Alongside the Chief of Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, you will expand and strategize Leviathan’s web presence. As Head of Web Design and Analytics, you will be responsible for improving -- and potentially evolving and migrating -- Leviathan’s website with the aim of increasing its aesthetic appeal and intuitive functionality. Additionally, you will employ data analytics methods and software to uncover critical insights about Leviathan’s user base and how they interact with content to better aid the journal in more effectively operating and disseminating information. While this position is unpaid, it permits significant project independence, creativity, and provides ample opportunity for career exploration and growth in addition to close working proximity with our university’s most prestigious student-led academic journal. 

In order to be considered for this role, we require that you submit examples of a) web design work and b) analytics work, and attend an online interview. In lieu of the example work submissions, you may also request that we provide two tasks which require skills equivalent to those listed within the qualifications section. If interested in this role, please send. cover letter and CV to leviathan.recruitment@gmail.com



  • Propose a new platform/design for Leviathan’s current website according to EC requirements and your own evaluation of the website
  • Maintain and update the site at weekly intervals
  • Contribute to design and implementation of new features
  • Investigate and fix bugs in a timely manner
  • Present progress reports and proposals at biweekly Administrative Team meetings and occasionally at Editorial Board meetings
  • Maintain the welcoming environment cultivated at Leviathan by treating colleagues with respect, kindness, and dignity


  • Proficiency in at least one of the following data analytics languages: R, Stata
  • Proficiency in at least one of the following web application development languages: Ruby on Rails, Java, JS, .Net
  • Proficiency in the following web markup and design languages: HTML5, CSS, SASS
  • An eye for clean, fresh design
  • Proficiency in relational database experience: MySQL, SQL Server (desirable)
  • Graphic design experience (desirable)
  • Work with agile methodologies (desirable)
  • Experience in UI/UX implementations (desirable)