Leviathan Editorial Team


Robert Jacek Włodarski: Editor-In-Chief

Emily Hall: Deputy Editor-In-Chief


Regional Editors

Abigail Adams: Chief Regional Editor

Heather-Grace Partridge: General Editor

Juuso Järviniemi: Europe & Russia Editor

Alex Kerr: North America & Caribbean Editor

Fabian Zubicky: Africa Editor

Niharika Pandya: Central & South Asia Editor

Violet Tinnion: Mena Editor

Alex Hymer: East Asia & Pacific Editor

Marco Antonio Garcia Mendez: East Asia & Pacific Editor

Triin Sulengo: International Editor


Production Team

James Hanton: Chief of Production

Anastasia Athanatou: Chief of Arts

Eleanor Crawford: Deputy Chief of Production

Clarissa Gurd: Digital Production Specialist

Ara Kim: Digital Production Specialist

Astoria Detunq: Digital Production Specialist

Harriet Getly: Illustrator 

Ananya Ambekar: Illustrator 


Administrative Team

Xu Chen: Chief Financial Officer

Luc Wilson: Events Coordinator

Lia Weinseiss: Director of Visual Marketing and Academic Event Coordination


Copy Editing Team

Ben Malcomson: Chief Copy Editor

Evie Patel: Copy Editor

Veronica Greer: Copy Editor

Alexander Galpin: Copy Editor

Melody Zhang: Copy Editor

Nicola Crowe: Copy Editor

Grace-Frances Doyle: Copy Editor

Lewie Haar: Copy Editor

Harriet Steele: Copy Editor


Peer Review Team

Samantha Kichmann: Chief Peer Reviewer

Stephanie Berke: Peer Reviewer

Mingqi Liu: Peer Reviewer

Andra Enuica: Peer Reviewer

Prerna Deep: Peer Reviewer

Christina Adamson: Peer Reviewer

Tobin Van Bremen: Peer Reviewer

Irene Weinkogl: Peer Reviewer

Anamarija Velinovska: Peer Reviewer

Alex Sinclair: Peer Reviewer

Christopher Mungovan: Peer Reviewer

Omar Hamdoun: Peer Reviewer

Marco Ruggieri: Peer Reviewer


Executive Committe Bios

Photo of Rob

Robert Jacek Włodarski, Editor-in-Chief, Economics and Mathematics, Year 3

Rob is a third-year Economics and Mathematics student, who’s been involved with Leviathan since his first year in Edinburgh; both as a writer and Africa editor. Previously, he served as President of the European Union Society and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Columnist Magazine. He published articles in Leviathan, the New Federalist, Darrow, Insight Magazine and others, and worked as an Economics Journalist at Polish Press Agency. Rob loves writing, the EU and cats. After his time in Edinburgh, he plans to pursue PhD in Economics, preferably focusing on monetary policy.

Photo of Emily

Emily Hall, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Urban History, Year 4

Emily Hall is a fourth-year Urban History student who has served time at The Student, Fresh Air Foodies Magazine and Edinburgh Festivals Magazine. She couldn’t be more thrilled to be editing Leviathan as her time in the U.K. comes to a close and regrettably plans to move back to the United States for law school after graduation. Let her pet your dog.