Edinburgh University Library uses OJS (Open Journal Systems) to provide a platform for University of Edinburgh academic staff and student groups to publish Open Access Journals.

The Journal of Contemporary Community Education Practice Theory. The Concept Journal offers a lively independent forum for critical debate and exchange of ideas in contemporary Community Education. Community Education is seen in the broadest sense to include community work, adult education and youth work and takes place in a range of settings and agencies. We see the concept of community education as dynamic and diverse and do not seek to reflect a fixed view.
The IJDC is entirely devoted to papers, articles and news items on curation of digital objects and related issues

Scottish Studies is the journal of the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh. The journal reflects the eight main research areas of the school: tales, custom and belief, material culture, song, instrumental music, place-names, dialectology and social organisation.

Papers in Historical Phonology (‘PiHPh’) aims to provide a high-profile, speedy, permanent and fully open-access place for the publication of interesting ideas from any area of Historical Phonology. PiHPh is online only and there is no charge of any kind to publish in it. There is one volume of PiHPh per year, and papers are added to it as soon as they are cleared for publication. Our full principles of publication are set out here.

PiHPh understands ‘Historical Phonology’ broadly (as set out here) and seeks to bring together work from distinct linguistic subfields which may not otherwise communicate with one another.

PiHPh welcomes ideas that are still in development and offers a platform for the open discussion of these ideas, so comments on articles are an integral part of publication, as explained here.

PiHPh is hosted by the University of Edinburgh Library’s Journal Hosting Service, and adheres to their privacy and cookies policies and to their take down policy.

PiHPh has a twitter account: @PiHistPhon.

On the 6th September, leaders in the field of livestock genetics gathered at The Roslin Institute where they discussed the future of farming and the implications of Genome Engineering. A series of talks and panel discussion sessions examined the global scene and case studies from academia and industry, highlighting the opportunities and challenges in the field

Language and Psychoanalysis is a fully peer reviewed online journal that publishes twice a year. It is the only interdisciplinary journal with a strong focus on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of language and psychoanalysis. The journal is also inclusive and not narrowly confined to the Freudian psychoanalytic theory.

We welcome a wide range of original contributions that further the understanding of the interaction between Linguistic Analysis and Theory & Psychoanalytic Theories and Techniques. Any relevant manuscripts with an emphasis on language and psychoanalysis will be considered, including papers on methodology, theory, philosophy, child development, psychopathology, psychotherapy, embodied cognition, cognitive science, applied dynamical system theory, consciousness studies, cross-cultural research, and case studies. The journal also publishes short research reports, book reviews, interviews, obituaries, and readers' comments.

Lifespans & Styles highlights outstanding undergraduate work in variationist sociolinguistics. Each study examines patterns of intraspeaker variation, typically with a focus on lifespan change or style-shifting, but encompassing a broad range of within-speaker phenomena.

The open access journal of Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies (SCCS).
The Journal of Lithic Studies is a peer-reviewed open access journal which focuses on archaeological research into the manufacture and use of stone tools, as well as the origin and properties of the raw materials used in their production. The journal does not focus on any specific geographic region or time period.

Welcome to the website of FORUM, a peer-reviewed journal for postgraduate students working in culture and the arts. Our objective is to create and foster a network for the exchange and circulation of ideas; we hope that you will find plenty of interest and inspiration among the articles we have published to date.

Hydra: Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Sciences is a student-focused, peer-reviewed academic journal, which strives to highlight the best of current postgraduate student scholarship at the University of Edinburgh. The journal’s title represents its strong commitment to interdisciplinary research, in the belief that by opening a channel of dialogue between diverse disciplines within the realm of the social sciences, classic debates may be infused with innovative and even unexpected observations.

e-JECAR publishes innovative research on the religious traditions of East and Central Asia in their historical, political, social and philosophic contexts.

The Res Medica is the peer-reviewed Journal of the Royal Medical Society.

We accept articles written by medical students and clinicians covering clinically relevant topics. These include original, systematic review, literature review, perspective, historical, and case report articles. 

Since its founding in 1957, the Journal has been served by both student doctors and clinicians in the publication process and is proud to be one of the longest serving Journals run by and for both medical students and clinicians. Our parent Society, the Royal Medical Society, is the oldest medical society in the United Kingdom and was established by medical students in 1737. Today the Journal is run by a core of student doctor editors, an international academic advisory board, a team of senior student peer reviewers, and a team of expert clinician and academic reviewers, totalling over hundred individuals. 

The Journal is currently indexed on the Directory of Open Access Journals, Google Scholar, and is in the process of indexing with major international databases as of 2014. Please contact the editor if you have any enquiries or ideas about potential publications.  Please note we do not charge authors for publication.

The South Asianist: Journal of South Asian Studies is an open access, interdisciplinary academic journal examining social, ecological, linguistic, religious, political and economic issues affecting South Asia. At its core is the vision to open research on and in South Asia to as wide an audience as possible. With this in mind, articles and reviews are complimented by flexible formats such as exploratory essays, photo essays, and videos. Among the many advantages of our open access policy is that, although authors retain copyright, our high-quality publications are free to view or download anytime, anywhere, by anyone with a basic internet connection. 

The Unfamiliar is a postgraduate student-led journal based at the University of Edinburgh, aimed at making anthropology easily and widely accessible to audiences beyond academia. We seek to provide a forum for postgraduate students and early-career researchers for the publication of, and creative engagement with, their research.