Leviathan Hiring BME Welfare Coordinator


Leviathan BME Welfare Officer, Leviathan Academic Journal


University of Edinburgh


September 2020- May 2021

Leviathan, The University of Edinburgh’s most prestigious student-led, peer reviewed Politics and International Relations academic journal, is seeking a qualified candidate to assume the role of BME Welfare Officer for the 2020/21 academic year. 


The BME Welfare Officer will formally be a part of Leviathan’s Administrative Team. As BME Welfare Officer, you will be the point of contact for BME members of Leviathan facing challenges within the journal. Additionally, you will be responsible for leading inclusive initiatives- from Writers’ Workshops aimed at underrepresented voices, to partnerships with BME welfare organizations- and shaping the discourse and writing standards of Leviathan from an intersectional perspective. If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a cover letter and CV to leviathan.recruitment@gmail.com.


  • Planning inclusive Writers’ Workshops
  • Liaising with BME organizations on behalf of BME Leviathan team members
  • Representing BME Leviathan team members at Editorial Board meetings
  • Formulating and implementing intersectional and inclusive standards at Leviathan


  • Strong social skills (required)
  • Organisational skills (required)
  • BME-identifying (required)