Leviathan Hiring Copy Editors


Have you ever started reading a great (or not so great) article, only to see a few grammar mistakes jump out at you? Have you tried to ignore them and keep reading, only to find yourself distracted, or worse— less confident in the author’s expertise?

This is precisely what we at Leviathan strive to avoid. The Copy Editing team perfects our articles, pouring over them several times to make sure the grammar, phrasing, and language are ready for publication. This includes anything from rephrasing awkward prose and excising redundancies to adding a comma. This process is completed as a team, and you will have the satisfaction of seeing your name on the final product.

Leviathan is the largest student-led, peer-reviewed academic journal at the University of Edinburgh, and our Copy Editors are the crucial final step in perfecting articles. No prior experience is required, so if this sounds like something you might excel at, please email a cover letter and CV to leviathan.recruitment@gmail.com