The University of Edinburgh Library Research Support Team and grassroots organisation Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea are once again joining forces to run the Edinburgh Open Research Conference 2023.  

Open research (a.k.a. "open science" or "open scholarship") refers to a collection of practices and principles around transparency, reproducibility and integrity in research.   

As an active member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and a signatory of DORA, & CoARA Edinburgh is committed to making open research the new normal by supporting and encouraging the adoption of good open research practice throughout the University. This represents a significant change in the way research will be conducted, and how the next generation of researchers will be trained.  

If you would like to participate in this exciting event, then this Call for Contributions is your invitation to get involved.  We encourage contributions from researchers at any stage of their career, including post-graduate students. 

Theme – Open Research as a Tool for Addressing Global Challenges 

Open Research (OR) cannot in itself solve any of the huge problems that face the world, but what role can it play in making our responses to them more effective, and in ensure that everyone is able to benefit from advances in research? That is the question we hope to address in this conference by bringing together researchers who apply OR principles to their work with those who would like to do so. 

This list of possible topics are simply suggestions and are not exhaustive: 

  • How can the adoption of Open Research practices help in the global battle against climate change, or in combatting future pandemics?  
  • Does OR have a role to play in improving equality and diversity within research? 
  • Can it support efforts to decolonise research and ensure equitable access to research outputs? 
  • How can we ensure that researchers at any stage in their career are recognised and rewarded for being open and transparent? 
  • How can we increase public participation in research? 
  • Who owns the data? Knowledge justice and data ownership in Citizen Science. 

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2022: Edinburgh Open Research Conference
Published: 10-Aug-2022


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