2021 - East Tennessee

Film-Philosophy Conference 2021

7 - 9 July 2021

Hosted online at East Tennessee State University through Zoom Webinars

Three short days consisting of roundtables, a plenary on practice-based work, and a keynote.


Schedule (British Standard Time - BST [convert]):

Wednesday, July 7th:

3:00-4:00pm BST, publisher's table with Gillian Leslie of Edinburgh University Press

4:00-5:30pm BST, “Dis/obedience: Film, Ethics and Holding Patterns”

Roundtable with Michele Aaron, Freya Schiwy, Sandeep Bakshi, and Jorge Sánchez Cruz

Social hour afterwards


Thursday, July 8th:

4:00-5:30 BST, “Governance, Aesthetics, and Contemporary Black Cinema”

Keynote from Kara Keeling

Social hour afterwards

6:00-7:00pm BST, book launch for Shoe Reels: The History and Philosophy of Footwear in Film

Friday, July 9th:

3:00-4:00pm BST, Bloomsbury Launch of Fertile Visions and Limit Cinema in the Thinking Cinema Series

4:00-5:30pm BST, “Film, Plasticity, Epigenesis”

A plenary exploring the work of philosopher Catherine Malabou
Speakers: Benjamin Dalton, Katie Goss, Michael Grace, and Ben Tyrer
(Catherine Malabou will be unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.)

5:30-6:30pm BST, “Practicing Film-Philosophy”

Practice-based plenary with Catherine Grant, Azadeh Emadi, and Mila Zuo
Cover image from KIN (2021) by Mila Zuo

Film-Philosophy Conference Wrap