Vol 3, No 3 (2016)

Journal of Lithic Studies

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2218/jls.v3i3

3 3 2016

Journal of Lithic Studies. (2016) Volume 3, Number 3.

Proceedings of the 1st Meeting of the Association for Ground Stone Tools Research University of Haifa, July 2015

With guest editors Danny Rosenberg, Yorke Rowan, and Tatjana Gluhak.


Table of Contents

Papers Presented at the 1st Meeting of the Association for Ground Stone Tools Research

Introduction. Leave no stone unturned: Perspectives on ground stone artefact research PDF HTML
Danny Rosenberg, Yorke Rowan, Tatjana Gluhak 1-15
Stone pedestalled vessels from Tel Tsaf, a Middle Chalcolithic site in the Central Jordan Valley, Israel PDF HTML
Marina Bekker, Yosef Garfinkel 17-29
The life-history of basalt ground stone tools from early urban domestic contexts: A chronicle from the EBA III of Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel PDF HTML
Jeremy A. Beller, Haskel J. Greenfield, Itzhaq Shai, Aren M. Maeir 31-55
Macrolithic tools for mining and primary processing of metal ores from the site of Grotta della Monaca (Calabria, Italy) PDF HTML
Francesco Breglia, Isabella Caricola, Felice Larocca 57-76
Lipid residues preserved in sheltered bedrock features at Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, New Mexico PDF HTML
Tammy Buonasera 78-101
Ground stone tool assemblages at the end of the Chalcolithic period: A preliminary analysis of the Late Chalcolithic sites in the Fazael Valley PDF HTML
Haggai Cohen-Klonymus, Shay Bar 103-123
Bronze Age cereal processing in Southern Iberia: A material approach to the production and use of grinding equipment PDF HTML
Selina Delgado-Raack, Roberto Risch 125-145
Cupules and the creation of the Tewa Pueblo world PDF HTML
Samuel Duwe 147-168
Raw material variability as archaeological tools: Preliminary results from a geochemical study of the basalt vessel workshop at Iron Age Tel Hazor, Israel PDF HTML
Tatjana Gluhak, Danny Rosenberg, Jennie Ebeling 169-189
The ground stone assemblage of a metal workers community: An unexplored dimension of Iron Age copper production at Timna PDF HTML
Aaron Greener, Erez Ben-Yosef 191-220
The function of Early Natufian grooved basalt artefacts from el-Wad Terrace, Mount Carmel, Israel: Preliminary results of a use-wear analysis PDF HTML
Iris Groman-Yaroslavski, Danny Rosenberg, Reuven Yeshurun, Daniel Kaufman, Mina Weinstein-Evron 221-242
Technology and function of grooved abraders in the early Neolithic of northwestern Europe PDF HTML
Caroline Hamon 243-259
The ground stone components of drills in the ancient Near East: Sockets, flywheels, cobble weights, and drill bits PDF HTML
David Ilan 261-277
Maids at the grindstone: A comparative study of New Kingdom Egypt grain grinders PDF HTML
Elizabeth Lang 279-289
Ground stone percussion tools from Maltese Islands PDF HTML
Felice Larocca 291-300
Grooved stone tools from Calabria region (Italy): Archaeological evidence and research perspectives PDF HTML
Felice Larocca, Francesco Breglia 301-312
The Iron Age copper industrial complex: A preliminary study of the role of ground stone tools at Khirbat en-Nahas, Jordan PDF HTML
Thomas E. Levy, Megan Bettilyon, Margie M. Burton 313-335
A grid-like incised pattern inside a Natufian bedrock mortar, Raqefet Cave, Israel PDF HTML
Dani Nadel, Danny Rosenberg 337-257
Plant use from the grinding stones’ viewpoint: Phytolith analyses from Aeneolithic Monjukli Depe, Turkmenistan PDF HTML
Birgül Öğüt 359-377
Preliminary analysis of the Late Natufian ground stone from Shubayqa 1, Jordan PDF HTML
Patrick Nørskov Pedersen, Tobias Richter, Amaia Arranz-Otaegui 379-402
Querns and mills during Roman times at the northern frontier of the Roman Empire (Belgium, Northern France, Southern Netherlands, Western Germany): Unraveling geological and geographical provenances, a multidisciplinary research project PDF HTML
Sibrecht Reniere, Wim De Clercq, Roland Dreesen, Eric Goemaere, Gilles Fronteau, Tatjana Gluhak, Else Hartoch, Paul Picavet 403-428
The ground stone industry of the Mursi of Maki, Ethiopia: Ethnoarchaeological research on milling and crushing equipment (technique and function) PDF HTML
Jérôme Robitaille 429-456
Conventions in fresh water fishing in the prehistoric southern Levant: The evidence from the study of Neolithic Beisamoun notched pebbles PDF HTML
Danny Rosenberg, Marva Agnon, Daniel Kaufman 457-478
Mongolian “Neolithic” and Early Bronze Age ground stone tools from the northern edge of the Gobi Desert PDF HTML
Joan S. Schneider, Tserendagva Yadmaa, Thomas C. Hart, Arlene M. Rosen, Annelise Spiro 479-497
The organization of basanite bifacial production at Giv’at Kipod Quarry, Israel: Towards an ‘Alyawara Day’ model of extraction PDF HTML
Ron Shimelmitz, Danny Rosenberg 499-521
The use of stone at Ohalo II, a 23,000 year old site in the Jordan Valley, Israel PDF HTML
Polina Spivak, Dani Nadel 523-552
An experimental approach to ground stone tool manufacture PDF HTML
Andrea Squitieri, David Eitam 553-564
Roman whetstone production in northern Gaul (Belgium and northern France) PDF HTML
Aurélie Thiébaux, Marc Feller, Bruno Duchêne, Eric Goemaere 565-587
Transverse grooved artefacts from southwestern Asia and northern Eurasia: Common traits and the reconstruction of function PDF HTML
Irina Usacheva 589-606