CFP: Critical Race Theory and Film-Philosophy


Open Deadline: Articles of between 7,000 and 10,000 words are welcome at any time.
Ecological crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought into relief the underlying racial politics of the present moment, as well as the ongoing role in capitalist modernity of what WEB Du Bois described as the colour line. The intellectual legacy of thinkers like Frantz Fanon, Audre Lorde and Sylvia Wynter can also be felt in the vibrant and groundbreaking work appearing in contemporary critical race theory, with writers like Anne Anlin Cheng, Kara Keeling and Frank B Wilderson III applying these and other frameworks directly to film and other media. Meanwhile, there has been relatively little work written in relation to race/critical race theory and film-philosophy, and so we invite contributions that take up the relationship between these fields/disciplines.
Might we consider many critical race theorists to be "doing" film-philosophy (and vice versa)? Might we think critically about the "whiteness" in and of film through a film-philosophical lens? Might we think about how the work of Du Bois, Fanon, Wynter and numerous others might fruitfully be applied to film, and/or put into dialogue with other film-philosophies? How might critical race theory and film intersect with other pressing issues of our time, including ecology, technology, ability, accessibility, sexuality, sex and gender? In particular, how might the work of queer of colour theorists intersect with film-philosophy?
These and many more questions need be raised, and we invite scholars to consider Film-Philosophy to be the forum in which to do so.

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