CFP: Paying Attention to Screens


Open Deadline: Articles of between 7,000 and 10,000 words are welcome at any time.

How can film-philosophy help us understand more about the role of visual media in shaping attention? Some extremely influential texts on attention have explored film and television, not least in seminal works by Jonathan Crary (1999) and Jonathan Beller (2006). Indeed, there is a very long history of exploring the role of television in shaping attention (Ellis, 1982, onwards).

Yet, recent developments indicate that there is still more to understand about how films, television shows, and other forms of visual media shape the ways in which people pay attention. For instance:

  • has the online interaction caused by the global pandemic shifted or intensified the ways in which attention is paid?
  • Or, offering an academic correlate to such real-world issues, does the reconsideration of seemingly well-established ideas like that of the “attention economy” (Celis Bueno, 2017) in terms of the “ecology of attention” (Citton et al, 2014) require new ways of understanding how attention is being shaped?
  • what can film-philosophical exploration of visual media (film, television, new media, and so on) illuminate regarding how we currently pay attention in and to the world?

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