Focus & Scope 

The challenges that arise from the increasingly entangled relationship of global crime, justice, and security are vast and pose a daunting endeavour to academics, policy makers, and law enforcement officials. The effects of the multifaceted nature of these issues and vast responsive frameworks introduced to deal with these globalized issues trickle into classroom discussions and assessments written by students. The University of Edinburgh’s Law School is focused on honing students’ research skills through multiple opportunities afforded to them to work alongside academics that are shaping this area of study and producing cutting-edge research. ‘Contemporary Challenges: The Global Crime, Justice and Security Journal' (CCJ) was established with this long-standing tradition in mind: hoping to stimulate the advancement of a multi-disciplinary approach to issues that have traditionally been approached in specific academic fields which has contributed to the formation of functional academic silos.

We ask for submissions relating to the following themes: 

  1. Comparative, International or Transnational Criminology, Security or Justice studies
  2. International Crime and its implications for international security
  3. Genocide, human rights violations and atrocity crimes
  4. Reconciliatory politics
  5. Interaction between Criminology, Law and Security
  6. Global Crime and Security

To order received submissions, the CCJ has established three main thematic groups: ‘security and conflict,’ ‘gender, violence, and justice,’ and ‘policing and prisons.’ Each group is comprised of members of our editorial board, who have relevant expertise in the respective fields. We hope to compile a wide-array of articles that represent the diversity of academic expertise and interests within the MSc in Global Crime, Justice, and Security and the MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice. The aim of the CCJ is thus to contribute to the larger academic discourse taking place within this field of study, and hopefully provide an opportunity for further discussion, research and collaboration across multiple disciplines.

Journal Information & Policies 
Please see our Journal Information & Policies page for details of the Journal's peer review process, Open Access policy and other journal information.