Focus and Scope

Contemporary Challenges was established with the aspiration to advance a multi-disciplinary approach to issues of global crime, justice and security that have traditionally been dealt with in compartmentalised academic fields. We believe that this has contributed to the formation of functional academic silos that are counterproductive when discerning responses to contemporary challenges. Our vision is for CCJ to serve as a platform for interdisciplinary debate that is of relevance to academics, policy makers and law enforcement officials alike. We hope that the journal will be a starting point for further discussion, research and collaboration across disciplines and professions.

We ask for submissions relating to the following themes:

  • Security and Conflict 
  • Criminological Theory and Justice
  • Discrimination and Human Rights 
  • Policing and Prisons

Submissions should have a clear global, transnational or comparative outlook. Ideally, submissions should problematise issues at the intersection of crime, justice and security. Submissions that are interdisciplinary in nature will be of particular interest to the journal. Authors that are unsure about whether their submission falls within the scope of the journal should contact the Editor-in-Chief or the Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Journal Information and Policies

Please see our Journal Information and Policies page for details about the Journal’s peer review process, Open Access policy and other journal information.