Papers in Historical Phonology (‘PiHPh’) aims to provide a high-profile, speedy, permanent and fully open-access place for the publication of interesting ideas from any area of Historical Phonology. PiHPh is online only and there is no charge of any kind to publish in it. There is one volume of PiHPh per year, and papers are added to it as soon as they are cleared for publication. Our full principles of publication are set out here.

PiHPh understands ‘Historical Phonology’ broadly (as set out here) and seeks to bring together work from distinct linguistic subfields which may not otherwise communicate with one another.

PiHPh welcomes ideas that are still in development and offers a platform for the open discussion of these ideas, so comments on articles are an integral part of publication, as explained here.

PiHPh is hosted by the Edinburgh Diamond, and adheres to their privacy and cookies policies and to their take down policy.

PiHPh has a twitter account: @PiHistPhon.

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Vol. 8 (2023)
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