Talking About Tiny Houses

An Interviewing Profile of Erin and Chris

Ellie Cleasby (Author)

University of Edinburgh

tiny houses; interviewing profile; Terkel analysis; sustainability


This piece is a snippet of an interview from a larger research project titled: “The Social Practice of Living and Travelling in Small Mobile Living Structures”. Using a style popularised by Studs Terkel in his book ‘Working’ (1974), I have used the interviewee’s own words but manipulated the order of the sections to make a cohesive narrative about living in a Tiny House. Erin and Chris talk about life in their tiny house under the framework of Social Practice Theory, informing the reader about the skills, materials and meanings that have contributed to their current living situation.

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Cleasby, E. (2019). Talking About Tiny Houses: An Interviewing Profile of Erin and Chris. re:Think - a Journal of Creative Ethnography, 2(1), 2–7. Retrieved from
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