Our research explores how AI impacts on life at a profound level, often interacting with us in fascinating and unanticipated ways, and illuminates how emerging technology can become a creative, playful and deeply impactful part of everyday living.

We believe art and creativity can help to radically change how we think about AI design, moving beyond the current paradigm of learning patterns from large amounts of data, to embrace human traits such as bias, disagreement, and uncertainty as a signal with creative potential rather than noise that needs to be removed.

We devise imaginative ways to experiment with new experiences, practices, infrastructures and business models, and to empower people be agents of positive change.

The New Real emerged from the Experiential AI research theme and group, it conducts research on the following themes:

  • Creative AI for good

  • Human-centred creative AI

  • Next generation intelligent experiences

  • Public XAI and socio-technical literacy

Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): Generative AI Arts: A Synthetic Future Foretold
AI generated image from Zizi Show
Published: 18-Jun-2024


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