Virtual Trip to the Abric Romaní site and its lithic procurement areas

Bruno Gómez de Soler (Author)


María Soto (Author)

Madrid Institute for Advanced Study (MIAS). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Departamento de Prehistoria y Arqueología. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras.

Miguel Soares Remiseiro (Author)

M. Gema Chacón (Author)



This paper introduces the virtual field trip organised on the occasion of the 13th International Symposium on Knappable Materials in Tarragona from 4th to 6th October 2021, showing the Abric Romaní site (NE Iberian Peninsula) and the chert procurement areas located within a 30 km radius.

The Abric Romaní section consists of a general presentation of the Middle Palaeolithic site, including a brief description of its 50 m stratigraphic sequence, where more than 20 archaeological levels have been identified dating from 110 to 39 ka BP, and some of the main traits of the archaeological assemblages have been recovered. This was followed by an introduction of the siliceous outcrops of the Panadella cherts approximately 24 km from the Abric Romaní; the Sant Martí de Tous chert outcrops 16 km away and the Valldeperes and Ca l’Alemany chert outcrops at distances of 24 and 25 km, respectively. In all cases, the geological formations, as well as the main chert macroscopic and microscopic characteristics, are described.

This paper yields the most relevant aspects of a field trip that had to be recorded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but which brought us back together and facilitated the presentation of the main source areas frequented by the Neanderthals groups of this referential site.

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Gómez de Soler, B., Soto, M., Soares Remiseiro, M., & Chacón, M. G. (2023). Virtual Trip to the Abric Romaní site and its lithic procurement areas. Journal of Lithic Studies, 10(2), 23 p.