Book Review Template

Otis Crandell (Author)

Journal of Lithic Studies


MS Word template for book reviews (specifically for Volume 3, Number 1).

Length: maximum two pages (including the title, cover image, and first page footer)


Book reviews should include an overall summary of the book as well as chapter summaries. The author should note the highlights or special aspects of this book. We particularly encourage reviews of books that are not in English as this helps disseminate information that readers in other countries may not otherwise know about.

Authors must declare whether they have reviewed the same book for another journal, and if so they should send us a copy of the other review. This declaration should be made before requesting to be assigned a book review. JLS might publish a book review which the reviewer has already reviewed for another journal if the new review is significantly different from the previous one and either it is a general book of importance to lithic researchers as a whole or the original review was published in a way which limits its dissemination (grey literature, small or regional publication, print only publication, in other language, self-published). The editors of the journal will decide on a case-by-case basis. If someone intends to review a book for us which they have already reviewed, they are advised to let us know about the situation before writing the review.

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