Research Article Template

Otis Crandell (Author)

Journal of Lithic Studies


MS Word template file for articles.

This template can be used for the following types of articles.

Research articles
Research articles should present original research on completed projects or significant discoveries and must present clear conclusions.
Word limit: 6000 words

Short reports
Short reports should present project descriptions. They may be either general reports on completed projects or significant updates for on-going projects. They do not necessarily need to present conclusions or conclusions could be preliminary.
Word limit: 1000 words

Methodology demonstrations
These articles should explain a new or modified methodology tested by the authors. Authors are encouraged to use a variety of media types (e.g. video, screen shot images, 3D images) in addition to a short written text. Methodology demonstrations do not necessarily need to present conclusions but opinions on the method including its benefits as well as short-comings should be discussed.
Word limit: 2000 words 

Summary, synthesis, and annotated bibliography articles
These articles present an overview of a particular topic or sub-field with a connection to lithics research. This may be lithics research in a particular country or region. It may also be a historical overview of a topic (e.g. historical perspective of a prehistoric technology, or historical overview of a particular theory), or it may be a summary of knowledge about a lithic material itself or a scientific method. In general, these articles should include an overview of the history of the topic (e.g. history of lithics research in the region) as well as an overview of the current research being done on the topic. They should contain a large bibliography so that readers can use the articles as a starting point for finding references. The author should indicate recommended references.
Recommended word limit: 4000 words.

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