Open Research & Research Cultures at Edinburgh


  • Alex Peden University of Edinburgh



Research cultures are built and maintained by the actions, interactions, behaviours and processes that we all encounter and perform while undertaking or supporting research.  These cultures are felt and influenced by us at individual, team, department, university and wider discipline level.  Research cultures can be experienced differently at each level and within each discipline, which is why University of Edinburgh’s approach to our Research Cultures improvement work acknowledges that we experience and contribute to multiple research cultures, and that a University the size of Edinburgh will have many research cultures.

Alex Peden is the recently appointed Head of Research Cultures at University of Edinburgh, she will provide an overview of this new role at University of Edinburgh, update on progress on the activities outlined in the Research Cultures Delivery Plan published in 2023, why an Open Research approach is important in improving cultures and share details of an upcoming UoE research cultures funding opportunity.