CALL FOR PAPERS: Revisiting Interdisciplinarity within collaborative and participatory creative practice


CALL FOR PAPERS: Revisiting Interdisciplinarity within collaborative and participatory creative practice

For the past two decades, collaboration has emerged as a keyword and an important methodological concern in a variety of disciplines. This has nurtured interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches that encompass innovative and experimental processes of knowledge production. Trends such as participatory and socially-engaged art, the workshop turn, and ideas of Do-It-With-Others contributed to the emergence of creative processes that operate within the sphere of inter-human relations through participation and collaboration. Such processes often operate beyond the institutional space, or classic studio and gallery settings, by engaging directly with the social realm, and blurring in this way, the lines between art, performance and our lived social, political, economic, technological and environmental realities. The growing practices, methodologies and vocabularies of creating, researching and collaborating, can be inextricably intertwined with the way works function and are experienced. Such concerns have been identified and theorized as dialogical (Kester, 2005), transformative (Fischer-Lichte, 2008) and operational (Bianchini and Verhagen, 2016).

In response to the various perspectives and approaches of what it means to create through participation or to participate, this second issue of Airea Journal focuses on artistic practices and research that problematize concepts and theories of (distributed) agency through participation, collaboration, and autonomy. Knowledge production that happens through the exchange and negotiation between communities, non-academic and academic partners has allowed the development of hybrid types of knowledge that provide with an enriched understanding of challenges. We invite both practice-based and theoretical contributions that will map this transition of culturally dispersed, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practices and theories that may initiate new types of creative processes. This is a move that pays attention to aesthetics, actions, methodologies and politics of collaboration and participation around themes such as:

  • Collective vs personal
  • Authorship-agency
  • Artistic-activist collectivities
  • Process-based approaches
  • Co-creation
  • Temporality-spatiality
  • Performativity and performance ecologies
  • Materials and media
  • Interactivity
  • Machine agency and automated practices

To be considered for this issue, please submit an abstract of 300 words along with author name(s), institutional affiliations, and contact details by Sunday 15 September 2019.

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Guest Editor:
Dr Sophia Lycouris, Reader in Interdisciplinary Choreography (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Eleni-Ira Panourgia, Teaching Fellow in Art and Design (University of Edinburgh)
Dr Katerina Talianni (University of Edinburgh)
Jack Walker, PhD candidate in Creative Music Practice (University of Edinburgh)


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This call for papers was published in 28 June 2019