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  • Principles and Practice of Medical Computing: £3. Churchill Livingstone. L. G. Whitby and W. Lutz.
  • Textbook of Medical Treatment, 12th Edition, £4.25. Longman Group Ltd., 1971. Edited Alstead, MacGregor and Girdwood.
  • An Introduction to Clinical Research. £1.50 Churchill Livingstone. W. P. Small and Urban Krause.
  • The Significance of Physical Signs in Medicine (1st Edition). £2.25. H. K. Lewis and Co., Ltd., Peter Mills.
  • Jamieson's Illustrations of Regional Anatomy, Section V II, Lower Limb: Livingsone: £1. Revised by Robert Warmsley and T. R. Murphy, 9th Edition.
  • Statistics in Small Doses. £2. A Livingstone Medical Text. Churchill Livingstone. W. M. Castle.
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