Event review: The Archaeology Centre Chert Crawl and Knap-in (Ontario, Canada)

  • Amy Fox University of Toronto


Archaeologists from quite a few departments in the University of Toronto and from the Greater Toronto Area archaeological community use the Archaeology Centre as a hub for collaboration and for organizing member-led group activities. In April 2017, the Lithics Interest Group hosted its annual Knap-In and Goat Roast, this year augmented by a trip to the nearby Niagara Escarpment for chert to knap. Beginning with this new chert sourcing expedition, through flintknapping, food processing, and finally cooking via delightful communal barbecue the Lithics Interest Group members were able to get a sense of a few of the stages a lithic artifact goes through as it may be used before its discard into the archaeological record.

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Amy Fox, University of Toronto

University of Toronto
Department of Anthropology
19 Russell St,
Ontario M5S 2S2

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Fox, A. (2017). Event review: The Archaeology Centre Chert Crawl and Knap-in (Ontario, Canada). Journal of Lithic Studies, 4(1). https://doi.org/10.2218/jls.v4i1.1933
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