A flint artefact (Accession No. DONMG 2016.7.1) from Lindholme, South Yorkshire

  • Alan Saville National Museum of Scotland
  • Paul C. Buckland Independent Researcher
Keywords: late glacial, Late Upper Palaeolithic, Yorkshire, flint, Last Glacial Maximum


One of the last papers which Alan was working on when he died was a short note on a flint artefact from the surface of a gravel scrape at Lindholme in South Yorkshire. This was found during fieldwork by Robert Friend, a postgraduate student in Geography at the University of Edinburgh, working on the limits of the last glaciation in the Vale of York (Friend 2011). The results of this have been published elsewhere (Bateman et al. 2015; Friend et al. 2016), but the context of the artefact is ambivalent and Alan’s appendix on the flint was judged too archaeological and site specific for inclusion in either paper. It is a find, however, worth placing on record as one of a number of scattered surface finds of Upper Palaeolithic affinity from the region (compare with Garton et al. 2016; Grassam & Weston 2015; Harding et al. 2014).

Author Biographies

Alan Saville, National Museum of Scotland
National Museum of Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Paul C. Buckland, Independent Researcher
Independent Researcher
20 Den Bank Close
Sheffield, S10 5PA
U. K.


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