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Das Pedras aos Homens

Book review: Das Pedras aos Homens: Tecnologia Lítica na Arqueologia Brasileira (From Stones to Men: Lithic Technology Studies in Brazilian Archaeology)

João Carlos Moreno de Sousa


The book is the result of a Brazilian symposium which took place in 2007, entitled Lithic technology in Brazil. Theoretical foundations, problems and research perspectives. The symposium brought together some of the most important lithic studies researchers in Brazil at the time. Each researcher wrote a chapter concerning the aims of the symposium.


Brazil; lithic studies; archaeology; archaeometry

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Das Pedras aos Homens: Estudos de Tecnologia Lítica na Arqueologia Brasileira

edited by Lucas Bueno and Andrei Isnardis

Argvmentvm, 2007, pp. 272. ISBN 978-85-98885-24-7


DOI: https://doi.org/10.2218/jls.v2i1.1263


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