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Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies provides a detailed examination of the Paleolithic procurement and utilization of the most durable material in the worldwide archaeological record. The volume addresses sites ranging in age from some of the earli

Book review: Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies

Christopher D. Noll


Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies is an edited volume of research papers that provides perspectives on the study of lithic technological organization from around the world. The book contains 20 chapters organized into four thematic sections focused on stone procurement, tool-stone use, the role of tool-stone subsistence and settlement systems, and the clues about social interaction that are gleaned from the study of lithic materials.


book review; lithic studies; archaeology; archaeometry

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Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies

Edited by Brian Adams and Brooke S. Blades

Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2009, pp. 304. ISBN 978-1-405-16837-3

Publisher’s website: doi:10.1002/9781444311976

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2218/jls.v2i1.1218


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