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Vol 42 No 2 (2023): Special Issue: Gaddi Politics and Identity in the Western Himalaya
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We are delighted to present this special issue, Vol. 42.2.,guest edited by Stephen Christopher and Peter Phillimore, focusing on the Gaddi community of the Western Himalayas. This volume brings together anthropologists from various generations and a historian, presenting a myriad of perspectives on Gaddis that offer insights into changes in their identity, beliefs, marital customs, politics, and livelihoods. We are confident that researchers across the Himalayas will find this compilation beneficial, aiding in discussions on identity, politics, belonging, and livelihoods of other tribal and mountain groups. The editors of this Special Issue note a scarcity of research on Gaddis, especially conducted by Gaddis themselves. However, they anticipate Gaddi social scientists will produce scholarship from their own perspectives in the near future. 

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Reeta Purhaan, a Gaddi folk singer, participating in the 2020 #challengeaccepted social media campaign of women posting black-and-white selfies to show global solidarity. In 2023, Reeta began a PhD at The Central University of Punjab. 

Published: 05-Sep-2023


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