Research Integrity: the view from the Research Office

  • Alan Campbell
Keywords: open research, eorc, eor


When we talk about research integrity, what we’re talking about are the principles, ideas and behaviours that make up good research practice. It’s about defining what excellence in the conduct of research looks like and creating frameworks to help researchers do the very best research they can.

In Edinburgh Research Office, the work we do in the Research Integrity space is mainly focused on engagement with colleagues in the Schools and Colleges, as well as in central University functions, Edinburgh Innovations and the Institute for Academic Development. Our remit includes ensuring that the University complies with the requirements of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, reviewing and updating policies and working with colleagues to ensure that we have the right training in place for our research community. We also act as a bridge between the University community and key external stakeholders including the funders, the UK Research Integrity Office and the Russell Group.
The past four years have seen a series of important developments in this area. The publication of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s report on Research Integrity in summer 2018 raised the profile of research integrity as a topic and led to the establishment of the new UK Committee on Research Integrity. More recently, the UK Government’s Trusted Research campaign was emblematic of an increased spotlight on international partnerships.
From his vantage point as Research Integrity Manager in Edinburgh Research Office, Alan Campbell will outline the impact that these and other developments have had on the research integrity landscape. He’ll also discuss the steps that the University is taking to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.