Deadline extended - Call for submissions


The submission deadline for The Unfamiliar Vol 7 (1) on the theme Writing and Objects, Objects in Writing has been extended to 19th June 2017.

Writing and Objects, Objects in Writing:
The study of objects has always been central to anthropology. Objects are used in various transactions, household routines, rituals, mortuary rites, and weddings, and can take many shapes and meaning. This issue of the Unfamiliar seeks to explore the relationship between objects and writing, and to illustrate how objects play a significant role in peoples’ lives. We ask: How are places, people, and relationships entwined with objects, and how do we write about them? Can we write about these, without writing about objects? What do objects tell us and how are they intrinsic to anthropological writing? How do we talk about people, and what is the role of objects in understanding and writing culture? From gifts to commodities, art objects to magical artefacts; from clothing to tools, technology to infrastructure; what makes objects significant, and how do they take shape and materialise in our writing? We invite papers exploring these questions, interested in, but not limited to, ethnographic writing, material culture, heritage, science and technology studies, anthropology of art, economic anthropology, and development studies.