The Unfamiliar Journal Online Fieldwork-photo Exhibition (2015)


We are now inviting submissions for our new online fieldwork-photo exhibition, to be displayed in a photo-carousel on the home page of our journal. We seek photographs exploring the theme “The Unfamiliar” in relation to the initial, or continuing, “unfamiliarity” of fieldwork. 

Many of us come back from fieldwork with a vast collection of images. Going through these photographs we sometimes see things that initially struck us as unfamiliar or things that still remain or have become unfamiliar as we look back at them in retrospect. We are interested in exploring how we familiarise ourselves with the unfamiliar through the visual material collected during fieldwork.

Submissions should be made as JPEG files. Preferably the photographs should be 8x12’’ (203x305mm) and between 150~300 dpi resolution.

Submissions should include:

1)    Caption for the photograph

2)    Name of the ethnographer

3)    Title of the research project

4)    Affiliation

5)    Year the photograph was taken

6)    Name of the country and region

We accept 1 or 2 photographs per submission. All files and information listed above should be sent to

Best wishes,

The Unfamiliar team