• Colin Campbell freelance artist


The depicted semi-permanent structures, made from natural wood and scavenged materials, are home to an increasing population of young and not-so-young men and women. These particular dwellings are situated in the River Avon Valley in North East Somerset, on private land between the river, railway line and canal. Without planning permission and consent, these dwellings are a stone’s throw from the circuits of capitalist economy – the Georgian splendor and affluence of the City of Bath, a World Heritage Site. They serve as very vulnerable shelters for those with no means of support, who are often blighted by health problems, drug and alcohol dependence, and mental illness.

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Colin Campbell, freelance artist
Coming from a long career as a freelance graphic designer Colin Campbell has gained his degree in Mixed Media Fine Art from the University of Westminster, London. Along with product development and design, he is currently working as an artist in a number of disciplines, principally photography, installation and film and video. Over the years of practice, Campbell's oeuvre has evolved into a commentary on and endorsement of anti-capitalism and the stateless, mutually cooperative, society.
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