Becoming With, in Life and Death

  • Hannah Kuemmerle University of Aberdeen


Abstract: Based on a life-long relationship between trust and domination of human and horse, this essay is a personal reflection on how perceptions and relationships shape the way we (as humans and non-humans in shared relationships) deal with implemented mercy deaths. What can we learn from our non-human companions when it comes to the decision of putting them down? This essay explores, on one hand, the relation between domination and compassion as a way of dealing with an animal’s life and death. On the other hand it investigates trust and correspondence beyond borders of human exceptionalism as a different, more open way of becoming with each other, focussing on the transformative potential of co-responding relationships.

Author Biography

Hannah Kuemmerle, University of Aberdeen

MSc People and the Environment Student

Department of Anthropology

University of Aberdeen

How to Cite
Kuemmerle, H. (2015). Becoming With, in Life and Death. The Unfamiliar, 5(1-2).