Call for Submissions, Humans and the Environment, The Unfamiliar Vol. 5 (1) 2015


We are now inviting submissions for our Summer 2015 issue based on the theme: Humans and the Environment

People’s relationships to the environment have long been central to the discipline of anthropology. Its continued relevance today stems from the recognition that we are all part of our environment, continuously shaping and being shaped by it as we live our lives in distinctive ways.

For the next issue of the Unfamiliar we invite contributions that seek to shed light on and understand people’s relationship with their surrounding environment. Central themes that can be explored include, but are not limited to:

-       People’s knowledge and perception of the environment

-       Landscape, weather and sense of place

-       Environmental conflicts and conservation

-       Multi-species relationships

Contributors can chose any of the below mentioned sub-section of the journal and creatively deal with the topic and theme in the broadest sense depending on their own definition.

1. Experiences of Fieldwork

Have you had experiences related to the topic during your fieldwork? How did you cope with them? Where they part of your actual research project?

2. Creative Submissions

This section seeks to provide a creative space for exploring anthropological issues in the widest sense. We look forward to sharing work ranging from poetry and fiction to drawings and music that convey a different sense of being and understanding the social world we inhabit. We also hope to address how art can inspire anthropologists to better understand their subject matters, while providing an outlet that may reach a wider audience.

3. Essays

Any academic essay that discusses this topic, preferably within the limit of 3,000 words; exceptions can be made.

4. Visual Anthropology

How is people’s relationship to their environment portrayed, imagined or produced in photography, art, monuments etc.? How can we make sense of this anthropologically?

5. Parallel Essays

In this section we invite academics from other disciplines to submit their understandings and dealings related to the topic. We would like to put this in conversation with an anthropological response.

6. Book Reviews

We welcome reviews of both academic monographs and more popular works, as long as these are relatively recent and have some anthropological relevance. Book reviews that have a connection with the theme of the Issue are prioritised. 

Submissions are to be made online via the OJS system and the deadline for this issue is the 10th of March 2015.