Submission Call for Vol. 3 (2)


We are now inviting submissions for our November 2013 issue based on the theme ‘Death and Resurrection’.

Contributors can chose any of the below mentioned sub-section of the journal and creatively deal with the topic in the broadest sense depending on their own definition.

1. Experiences of Fieldwork

Have you had experiences related to the topic during your fieldwork? How did you cope with them? Where they part of your actual research project?

2. Creative Submissions

Poems or drawings on the issue that nevertheless - or because of their creative character - entail anthropological relevance.

3. Essays

Any academic essays that discusses this topic, preferably within the limit of 3,000 words; exceptions can be made.

4. Visual Anthropology

How is death and/or resurrection portrayed, imagined or materialised in photography, art, monuments and graves? How can we make sense of this anthropologically?

5. Parallel Essays

In this section we invite academics from other disciplines to submit their understandings and dealings related to the topic. We would like to put this in conversation with an anthropological response.

6. Book Reviews

Submissions are to be made online via the OJS system and the deadline for this issue is the 30 August 2013. Further information can be found on our website at

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

The Unfamiliar Team