Study Protocol: Development and Validation of a Framework on the Personality Characteristics of High-Potential Employees (Hi-pots)

  • Freeda Jelly Martharine PhD Research Scholar
Keywords: High-potential employees, hi-pots, personality characteristics, psychometric assessment


Background: Modern organizations recognize the importance of identifying, developing, and retaining high potential employees (hi-pots) who can contribute to effective functioning. They try different talent management strategies and frameworks to meet this purpose. Research shows that the involvement of a hi-pot in a team could increase the effectiveness, nearly 5-15%. The prevailing methodologies and models to identify hi-pots lack scientific evidence and are descriptive.

Methods/Design: The study will follow an exploratory sequential research design with four phases: 1) Meta-analysis review; a systematic review of the literature using category checklist 2) Qualitative; semi-structured interviews to explore the personality of hi-pots 3) Quantitative; exploring the framework on the characteristics of hi-pots 4) Tool development; developing a measure to identify hi-pots

Discussion: In this study protocol, we present the methodological approach to develop & validate a framework on the personality characteristics of hi-pots. The framework will help organizations to facilitate better talent management strategies.