Strategies to Prevent Online Sexual Abuse of Children

A Systematic Review of the Literature Protocol

  • Leah Fay Ryckman University of Edinburgh
  • Cristóbal Guerra
  • Anastasia Finch
Keywords: Online, Child sexual abuse, Interventions, Preventions


Online sexual abuse of children has severe and lasting implications. In addition to there being many avenues to commit sexual offences via technology, there are many ways to intervene. Industry-related prevention and intervention strategies are often targeted at blocking or catching a potential offender. Justice initiatives through punitive measures are targeted towards the perpetrator. Education and awareness campaigns are a means to prevent abuse before it happens or help a victim come forward to seek support and retribution. A systematic review of the literature will endeavour to find research that emphasizes intervention through education and awareness strategies for children and adolescents, including an analysis of the effectiveness of such programs. This protocol follows PRISMA guidelines for systematic reviews and provides details of the literature review and research parameters. 

Study Protocols