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Clyne, Allan R
Clyne, Allan, Bicentennial Education Fellow, Education, Community and Society, University of Edinburgh
Coburn, Annette
Coburn, Annette, Lecture at the University of the West of Scotland
Cockburn, Cynthia, Feminist researcher and writer working at the intersection of gender studies and peace/conflict studies. She is visiting professor in the Department of Sociology at City University London and Honorary professor in the Centre for the Study of Women and Gen
Cockburn, Forrester
Cohen, Paul S.
Cohen-Klonymus, Haggai, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Cohlmeyer, Dana, PhD Student and youth worker
Coleshill, G G
Collet, Hélène, Service de l’Archéologie de la Direction du Hainaut I
Collin, Jean-Philippe, Université de Namur
Collins, Hannah, University of Edinburgh
Conn, Alasdair K.T.
Connaughton, Paula, Lecturer in Youth and Community Work University of Bolton
Connelly, Adam
Connolly, Bríd, Maynooth University Ireland
Connor, Steven
Connor, Stuart, Birmingham university
Cook, Emily Lynn, University of St Andrews
Cook, Ian M., Central European University
Cooke, Ian, Development Trusts Association Scotland
Coombs, Nathan
Cooper, Caitlin, Australian Animal Health Laboratory, CSIRO Health & Biosecurity 5 Portarlington Road, Geelong, Victoria 3220, Australia
Cooper, Eden Arizona, University of Edinburgh Social Anthropology Department

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