“My Body is My Tool”... and the Pen is Mine! : An Exploration of Feminist Visual Practises

  • Sophia Neilson Student of Social Anthropology
Keywords: performers, theatre, empowerment, visual methods


During my research with women performers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I adopted drawing as my primary tool for collecting and analysing data. I found that the best way to capture the value of theatrical performances was through an effective visual medium. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to illustrate the potential of drawing to be feminist tool. My informants created whimsical and often absurd narratives of women’s violation and dissent. With the help from my drawings, I shall put the themes of vulgarity and vulnerability into discussion with the ability of theatre to politically effect.

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Neilson, S. (2021). “My Body is My Tool”. and the Pen is Mine! : An Exploration of Feminist Visual Practises. Re:Think - a Journal of Creative Ethnography, 3(1), 87-95. Retrieved from http://journals.ed.ac.uk/rethink/article/view/4304
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