Scripted Politics : An analysis of the Scottish State's reliance of Charisma

  • James Richard Weldon Edinburgh University
Keywords: Power, Scottish Parliament, Charisma, State


This essay analyses the goings on of First Minster’s Questions in the Scottish Parliament. Through the realisation that this spectacle is largely semi-scripted I make the argument that the idea of the state relies on the charisma of events like this in order to encourage engagement, thereby reinforcing its existence. I argue that the alternative of pitting facts and figures against each other without the spectacle lacks the charisma to engage an audience in the idea of the state. 

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Weldon, J. (2021). Scripted Politics : An analysis of the Scottish State’s reliance of Charisma. Re:Think - a Journal of Creative Ethnography, 3(1), 25-30. Retrieved from
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