The Consequences of Severe Head Injury

  • Brian Pentland


Severe head injury is a common problem, usually due to road traffic accidents, accounting for an estimated 400 hospital admissions each year in Scotland. This paper describes the mechanisms, effects and management of  uch injury.

Since early caveman courted the object of his desire by clubbing her, traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been a common problem. Nowadays the male of the species is more likely to be the victim receiving the trauma during sexual display at the wheel of a car or in conflict with a rival. Such acts of youthful bravado, often assisted by alcohol, can have life-long consequences not only for the individual but for his family. Rehabilitation of people after TBI is one of the most exciting challenges in modem medicine. Few conditions provide such a varietyand complexity of disabilities to address in close collaboration with a team of skilled colleagues from a range of professions.

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