Book Reviews

  • Gillian Sheppard
  • J Waite
  • Stuart Blackie
  • Simon Trotter


  • CLINICAL RESEARCH FOR ALL Cyril Maxwell Cambridge Medical Publications Ltd. (1973) Price £2.85p
  • A COMPANION TO MEDICAL STUDIES Editors-in-Chief: R. Massmore and J. S. Robson Vol. 3, parts 1 and Oxford; Blackwell Scientific Publication- £11.50 each part (£8.00 paper-back)
  • CHEMOTAXIS AND INFLAMMATION P.C. Wilkinson Churchill Livingstone 1974. £4.00
  • THOMSON'S CONCISE MEDICAL DICTIONARY William A.R. Thomson, M.D. Churchill Livingstone, 1973. £1.80
  • CLINICAL EXAMINATION Editor, J.G. Macleod: Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. £4.25
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