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  • Urology and Renal Medicine. £1.25. Livingstone. J. E. Newsam and J. J. B. Petrie.
  • Medical and Veterinary Protozoology — An Illustrated Guide. £6. Churchill Livingstone. K. M. G. Adam, T. Paul, V. Zaman.
  • The Principles and Practice of Medicine. 10th Edition. £3. Livingstone. Davidson and Macleod.
  • Hormone Assays and their Clinical Application. 3rd Edition. £5. Livingstone. John A. Loraine and E. Trevor Bell.
  • Cardiology. £1.75. Concise Medical Textbooks: Balliere. D. G. Julian.
  • Gynaecology. £5.75. Churchill Livingstone. Novak, Jones and Jones.
  • The Voice and Voice Therapy. £4. Prentice Hall International. Daniel Boone.
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