Vol 1 (2016)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2218/pihph.1.2016

1 0 2016

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Patrick Honeybone, Julian Bradfield, Josef Fruehwald, Pavel Iosad, Benjamin Molineaux, Michael Ramsammy 1-4
Examining the life cycle of phonological processes: considerations for historical research PDF
Ranjan Sen 5-36
Historical phonology and morphology in the nineteenth century: abstractness vs. empiricism PDF
András Cser 37-49
Diachronic dynamics of Middle English phonotactics provide evidence for analogy effects among lexical and morphonotactic consonant clusters PDF
Andreas Baumann, Nikolaus Ritt, Christina Prömer 50-75
Tone loss in Sranan Creole: re-thinking contact driven change PDF
Emily Barth 76-89
Towards a definition of an Egyptian Greek variety PDF
Sonja Dahlgren 90-108
The typology of the distribution of Edge: the propensity for bipositionality PDF
Shanti Ulfsbjorninn, Mohamed Lahrouchi 109-129
Synchronic stratum-specific rates of application reflect diachronic change:
 morphosyntactic conditioning of variation in English /l/-darkening PDF
Danielle Turton 130-165
Sociolinguistic motivations in sound change: on-going loss of low tone breathy voice in Shanghai Chinese PDF
Jiayin Gao 166-186
Tracing L-vocalisation in early Scots PDF
Benjamin Molineaux, Joanna Kopaczyk, Warren Maguire, Rhona Alcorn, Vasilios Karaiskos, Bettelou Los 187-217
Rule scattering and vowel length in Northern Romance PDF
Pavel Iosad 218-237
System complexity and (im)possible sound changes PDF
Klaas Seinhorst 238-249
The emergence of the concept of 'morphologically conditioned sound changes' PDF
Marc Pierce 250-268
The origins of Japanese h from an element-based perspective PDF
Phillip Backley, Kuniya Nasukawa 269-284
From phonetic enhancement to phonological underspecification: hybrid voicing contrast in European Portuguese PDF
Michael Ramsammy, Patrycja Strycharczuk 285-315
Are there impossible changes? θ > f but f ≯ θ PDF
Patrick Honeybone 316-358
Dissimilation can be gradient: evidence from Aberystwyth English PDF
Adèle Jatteau, Michaela Hejná 359-386