The Narrator as the Threshold Between Informal and Formal Voices

  • Ioannis Panagiotou PhD, University of Edinburgh
Keywords: self-referentialism, pilgrimage, transdisciplinarity


Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, “PLAY ME” is a video work that discusses the difference between physical-perceptual experience and our limited understanding of the outer world. The artwork uses a first-person walking practice in combination with narration and sound as a mapping tool, and public pianos as a guide for exploring our cities and the aesthetics of digital culture. The purpose of this short manuscript is to analyse the role of the narrator in the self-referential storytelling of my video work “PLAY ME.” I will discuss self-referentialism as a creative tool, and the role of the narrator as a portal for connecting materials with ideas. To do this, it will be helpful to divide and analyse the plot of this work into parts, so the following analysis in artist’s voice will be clearer.