Open from 23 January - 20 March 2023


MUSIC.OLOGY.ECA is a student-run journal dedicated to showcasing interdisciplinary music research across all departments of Edinburgh University. We are looking for articles (up to 3000 words), audiovisual essays and audio recordings (up to 15 minutes), and reviews (up to 1000 words) that demonstrate contemporary relevance across a variety of areas within music research today.


We welcome submissions from any discipline of music-related research, including but not limited to: 

* Theory and analysis
* Culture, society, philosophy and politics
* Performance, composition, and instrument research
* Psychology and education
* Music on screen (film/TV/video games, etc.)
* Sound design and acoustics
* Reviews for scores, performances, CDs/DVDs, and books 


We are offering the opportunity for work to be peer reviewed by ECA/Reid School of Music staff, which will provide authors with an insight into the academic publishing process. We encourage a stylistic tone that is accessible to readers who may have a less specialist knowledge within musicology.


For past submissions and style requirements, refer to our website

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Please do not hesitate to contact the editorial team should you have any questions, or would like further information.