Vol 1 (2015)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2218/ls.v1i0.2015

1 0 2015

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Lauren Hall-Lew 1-2
Pulling Out All the Stops: Referee Design and Phonetic Correlates of Gay Men’s English PDF
Victoria Dickson, Yorath Turner 3-11
“My Vocal Cords are Made of Tweed”: Style-Shifting as Speaker Design PDF
Melissa Geere, Joy Everett, Alasdair MacLeod 12-20
Creaky Voice as a Stylistic Feature of Young American Female Speech: An Intraspeaker Variation Study of Scarlett Johansson PDF
Francesca Shaw, Victoria Crocker 21-27
Pitch Change in Dog-Directed Speech PDF
Christy C. Ringrose 28-35