Rhotic Environments

Effects of Dialect Exposure on Perception of Rhoticity

  • Christina McDermott University of California, Berkeley


This study examines if a listener’s exposure to nonrhotic dialects of English affects how they perceive rhoticity in words spoken in a Boston English accent. Listener judgments on the rhoticity of both nonce words and words in phrases were elicited through a 120-question survey. The results suggest that listeners from the United States who grew up in regions where nonrhotic dialects are prevalent perceived /ɹ/ in certain nonrhotic articulations more than their counterparts did.

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McDermott, C. “Rhotic Environments”. Lifespans and Styles, Vol. 6, no. 2, Dec. 2020, pp. 44-54, doi:10.2218/ls.v6i2.2020.5220.