Podcaster Prosody

Creaky Voice and Sarah Koenig’s Journalistic Persona

  • Edgar Yau University of Rochester


This paper addresses the style-shifting of podcast host Sarah Koenig, specifically in her use of utterance final creaky voice in different contexts. I find that Koenig uses more creaky voice on her podcast Serial than in an interview context. Additionally, her creaky voice in the interview occurs in specific contexts related to her work as a journalist. Based on analyses of how phonetic features can construct certain personae, I argue that Koenig may be designing her speech to construct a journalistic persona with her use of creaky voice.

How to Cite
Yau, E. “Podcaster Prosody”. Lifespans and Styles, Vol. 6, no. 2, Dec. 2020, pp. 2-10, doi:10.2218/ls.v6i2.2020.5215.