Glottal Replacement in Retrospect

A Quantitative Analysis of /t/-glottaling in Edinburgh Speakers in the Mid-1970s

  • Zoé Titheridge University of Edinburgh


This research examines the production of glottal replacement i.e., /t/-glottaling in the speech of Edinburgh residents in 1975 and compares its findings to those in the existing literature to provide a better understanding of the variant’s spatial and temporal development in the area. Most of the results concur with those previously described as phonological factors and social class are concluded to be strong predictors of /t/-glottaling. Variation in preferred phonological environments is argued to be an effect of polygenetic roots. Absence of constraining effect for age is interpreted in light of the variant’s history in the region.

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Titheridge, Z. “Glottal Replacement in Retrospect”. Lifespans and Styles, Vol. 6, no. 1, May 2020, pp. 28-37, doi:10.2218/ls.v6i1.2020.4399.