As this is Leviathan’s initial foray into the public sphere, a short introduction is in order. Our journal is student-run, focusing on politics and current affair issues from the presently chilly yet beautiful Scotland, to further and perhaps sunnier corners of the world. We seek to fill the void of reasoned political debate and analysis from students such as you. Although the pieces to follow may adopt certain ideological perspectives, Leviathan does not endorse these views as right or wrong. Following in the footsteps of John Stuart Mill, the ‘collision’ of ideas and opinions is what Leviathan seeks, for only with reasoned and frank debate can certain truths be deciphered. In this spirit we humbly ask readers to reply to what you have read here. Are the authors not con- vincing, have they missed something, or why do you disagree with their opinion or analysis?

This issue’s articles are loosely or directly tied to the theme of ‘Good and Evil’, thus entail- ing a degree of broadness in the opinions and analysis to follow. Strictly defining either term is uncalled for. However, generally we can say that groups or policies branded ‘evil’ are those which individuals and societies often would rather not associate with or implement. In contrast, policy or groups associated with normative and beneficial ‘good’, are pursued by individuals and socie- ties when given the opportunity, or so we hope. Identifying “Good and Evil’ is also context specif- ic, although certain norms may influence our definition, those norms do not have to be universal, and as individuals we make up our own definition. Consequently in the following pages some authors prescribe analysis as a way of rectifying a ‘flaw’ or ‘evil’. Others simply analyse a situation or phenomenon, leaving it up to the reader to decide what is ‘good’ and what is ‘evil’.

Most importantly, at a time of year when exams, essays and job or further study applica- tions are high on the agenda, I am sincerely indebted to all those who have involved themselves in getting Leviathan off the ground. To our sponsors in the Politics Society and Edinburgh Univer- sity Department of Politics and International Relations, Leviathan would not have been possible without your financial and advisory support. To the writers, artists and unsung heroes in our production, editorial, publishing and advertising staff my thanks cannot be expressed in words. The success of this release is most notably yours!

Now go forth. Debate, ponder and criticize our first instalment, but most of all enjoy! Cheers,

Ryan Jacobs
Leviathan Editor-in-Chief

Published: 13-Aug-2020