Leviathan Hiring Copy Editors


Have you ever been asked by a friend to read over an essay for them before the deadline? Did you only make it halfway through the first page before they got fed up with your comments and snatched back their laptop? If so, you’re either a born copy editor, or you’re just an asshole. Why not bet on the former and apply to be a copy editor for Leviathan? 

The Copy Editing team is the beating heart of Leviathan — at least, according to the copy editors. We read over every article several times, correcting all spelling and grammar mistakes. We also work to perfect the language and composition of our articles, excising redundancies, rephrasing awkward prose, and doing anything else that needs doing to make our articles fit for publishing. As the largest student-led, peer-reviewed academic journal at the University of Edinburgh, Leviathan adheres to high standards for research, writing, and presentation set by scholars of political science. It is the copy editor’s job to ensure that any article that falls short of those standards is made to meet them. If this sounds like something you might excel at, please email a cover letter and CV to our Chief Copy Editor at: copyediting.leviathan@gmail.com