A Journey Into the Courtyard of the Goddess

Kuari Pass Trail

  • Upayan Chatterjee
Keywords: Garhwal Himalaya, travelogue, trekking, Kuari Pass


The trail to Kuari Pass passes through the heart of Garhwal in the Western Himalayan region of India. The way up to the pass is known for some of the most jaw dropping vistas of high Himalayas. While peaks like Mt. Dronagiri, Bhramal, Hathi and Gauri are constant companions on the route, a vantage point at Jhandi Dhar brings one face to face with many other prominent snow peaks like Kedarnath, Kedar Dome, Mana Mandir, Neelkantha, Kamet, Chaukhamba and the magnificent Nanda Devi, behind her rocky sentinels of the Bugyal Koti range. Beyond snow peaks, the trail offers serene forest patches of ancient oaks and walnuts together with the experience of traversing expansive Himalayan meadows at multiple occassions along the way. This journey to Kuari Pass is the first of many that I plan to undertake, with a central focus on trekking in and around Mt.Nanda Devi’s sphere of influence. Trails to Rudranath, Bagini Glacier, Nanda Devi East Base Camp and Shipton’s Dibrughetta across Dharansi Pass await and I earnestly hope that the Goddess allows us into her courtyard each time like the way she welcomed us on the Kuari Pass trail.

All images have been taken by the author, except for the last (page no. tba). It has been taken by Abhilasha Rawat.

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